Saturday, April 28, 2007


I had very little excitement this morning, in fact, maybe even a little resentment. My day was planned for me and my presence was requested(with many reminders) at an estate auction. I don't feel the same love for auctions as I do yard sales. It always seems that whatever I want is also what other people want. Plus, I usually spend more than the amount that was in my head when I got there. This was an auction of my Aunt's whose huband recently passed away. She was also the beneficiary of most everything belonging to my Grandma, so I was hopeful that I might see a few of Ma's things come around. (I did not. It was mostly things that belonged to her husband's parents.)

So, drudgingly, I got up, made breakfast and three WARNED (this will not be fun, there will be sitting and waiting and I will not take any complaints) little girls began a Saturday auction adventure.

We arrived about 15 minutes after start-up. My aunt's son and his son, one of my other aunts and her hubby, my dad, 2 of my sisters, and myself were the family representatives. I expected my mom, but she wasn't there. IT actually ended up being fun. Visited some with my aunts and strolled down memory lane a bit. Spent $57 on some "stuff". Nothing to meaningful but fun things to clean up and fix up. I could have gotten so much more for fixing up and re-selling. Alot of things went VERY cheap-but I tried to stick with things that will be useful to us and memorable as well.

Lilly had a birthday party at two, so that dictated our leave time. I am shocked to say, I might have stayed longer if we had not had that commitment. However, the kids would have burst into flames and tears, so it worked out great.

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