Monday, April 30, 2007


I always open my fortune cookie and read the fortune, even though they never apply. It is always something really silly. Sunday, my darling hubby decided we should go out to eat after he helped me teach the preschoolers. I love him for helping me, I didn't even ask, he just came with me. ( : This class not only included a set of triplets, but also a set of twins in addition to the regular singles. I love him for deciding to go out after that especially since we were going away to a Co-op retreat soon after church and the less I saw of the mess that was/is our house, the better. So anyway, after eating we all opened our fortune and we just laughed out loud-they all kept fitting.

Lilly's- "Sell your ideas, they are totally marketable."
Throw in an "actually" and this even sounds like Lilly!

Erika's- "You have a deep appreciation of the arts and music"
She is the artist and also likes classical music alot.

Kayla's-"Stop searching forever. Happiness is just next to you."
She was sitting beside Lilly who, we all laughed, really is "happiness".

Erik's- "You are sociable and entertaining."
This was especially true after "entertaining/gigging" all week and weekend.

I said then, "Wow, those were all pretty true and relevant but you know mine will be something stupid like 'Your lucky number is 10.' " Then I proceed to open mine and I swear, we are still laughing because it was the MOST accurate one!!

"A good time to finish up old tasks."

The bathroom might finally get trimmed someday soon. Maybe after I finish painting the kitchen, wallpapering the dining room, sorting through the closet junk, trimming Kayla's room, taking down the wallpaper border in Lilly's room....I could go on all night which should clue you in as to why we laughed so hard!!


Trees said...

One for the grown-ups... when you read out your fortune add the words 'in bed'. Guaranteed to raise a smile.

Mia said...

hey did you know there are chocolate covered fortune cookies?YES! its true and they are YUMMY!