Monday, April 30, 2007

Did I mention I LOVE nature!!

We are back home from our retreat at Brandon Spring . I love this retreat center with all my heart. I really want to live there, but hubby says it is way too far for him to drive to work (it is a long way from home). I have been doodling I heart Brandon Spring all afternoon. TLA & F(true love always and forever if you don't recognize it without the t,l, a and f all being joined in true yearbook fashion) Just kidding, but if I had not been busy with my last scout meeting and closing out a Pampered Chef show, I might have written that all over a notebook.

I have been trying to decide just exactly what it is that makes it a dream come true for me. I think it is the ultimate combo package. It combines water activities, food cooked by some mighty fine cooks, abundant wildlife and hiking opportunities, smart people everywhere that can answer all my biology questions, and well, a camp full of biologists which is the calling I missed. Mostly though, I think it is the biology thing. I shared Biology with my kids today. They love it too. The study of life. I never feel more connected to God that when I delve into studying his creatures. They are so varied and awe inspiring. Today we dredged a pond and found so much coolness. My pics are blurry except Lilly with a newt but I'm showing them anyway!! BECAUSE, I love the pond scum. That last one is a leech with her babies attached...AWESOME!

My feet have still not touched the ground. I will have this loving feeling for weeks. As it starts to wane, it should be just about time for my scout troop to go there and I can get another fix. It makes me want to go back to college and learn more biology. Maybe teaching a couple of high school boys next year will suffice.

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