Tuesday, March 20, 2007

We are home now!! I am so happy. We got in about 2 hours ago and went to retrieve our dog and our mail. The girls are playing in their yard which apparently they have missed. Toby is out there too, so I guess he missed his yard as well. We are two days early returning because we did not expect San Antonio to be booked solid within a 50 mile radius. There will be other trips to Texas in our future though(I hope, I LOVED TEXAS!!), so we will catch it next time.

We had a wonderful time, I will post more later, for now, I will be enjoying home

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Susie said...

Ah! My home state! Yes, you will have to go back soon. There is TONS of historical stuff in Texas. Texas history was one of my favorite subjects. Also, make sure and visit Galveston Island. : )