Saturday, March 17, 2007


Oh my goodness, the hospitality of my friends is top notch.

I am having a hard time being the recipient of so much generosity and overall spoiling and pampering at every stop. My friends Summer, Steph, and Karri are ruining me. I have gained at least ten pounds (which I needed-I am on the get as fat as I possibly can for swimsuit season!) and still the good food marches on. We are loving this trip and it is so good to connect again with friends I am so out of touch with. My hormones and emotions are really high right now, so I am laughing alot and crying alot-but other than that-great times. (I am totally blaming carbs and sugar because I can!)

The hardest part of being the recipient of so much hospitality is the inability to ever pay it back. I hope they will come to the Eicholtz bed and breakfast sometime-but I am not sure that is doable for any of these families. Please do if you can ladies-you have earned a free stay at our ***-three star inn.

I also met the wonderful and encouraging Jettybetty and she is just as fabulosa in person!! I can't wait til my kids are grown and...just kidding-I am loving almost every minute. Or maybe every other minute. (See her link in my sidebar to go see the chili's picture!)

Today we are shoveling poop. My kids are so excited. We do love gardening and we hope to be a help to our good friends with their horse poop relocation program.

Have a great weekend!!

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