Friday, March 23, 2007

Trip Recap!

Saturday, March 10-left our home a little after 6PM. We meant to leave by 4 or 4:30 but it did not happen. Mike (what a wonderful friend!) came and picked up Toby at 5PM and was shocked we were still home. We left out hoping to making to Little Rock but settled into a Holiday Inn Express in a town called Lonoke, AK just a little this side of LR.

Sunday-got up and feasted on our continental breakfast and then headed for Rockwall to Bret and Summer. We did not want to arrive to early because I remember Sundays with Toddlers!! We made arrangements to meet up with Jettybetty in the afternoon. Bless her heart, she was so patient as we tried to figure out just how far apart we were. Thank goodness she had brought reading material!! I hope we were worth the waiting. We had a wonderful visit and she is such and encourager!! The children were fairly well behaved and she made our pic and posted it on her blog many days ago (see her on the links if interested in seeing that Chili's pic!) After we dined, Bret came and got us so we could follow him home. We said our goodbyes to Jettybetty and headed off. Summer and I took care of many youngsters during care group, she the older ones, me the two littlest ones. I appreciated playing simple play with the babies, she enjoyed a break (I hope) and played red rover with the bigger ones. They have a neat small group and we enjoyed visiting with them. That night we stayed up a bit and visited. Next day we went into Dallas to see The Sixth Floor Museum where JFK was shot. The room in the Texas School Book Depository where JFK was shot from has been converted into a really awesome museum. It was very interesting and I think all of us really enjoyed it and learned alot.

Dallas, part 2 tomorrow.

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jettybetty said...

You were so worth the wait!!!