Friday, March 23, 2007

After JFK museum, we met Bret for lunch at On the Border and we were introduced to fresh flour tortillas with butter. EVIL! Yummy! The food there was spicy for me, wimpy taste buds, but everyone else loved it. I was full after chips and flour tortillas anyway. We then went to Bret and Summer's church and met all Bret's co-workers, everyone was really super nice. We also got to visit a bit with Lesli-Kayla was soooo glad to see you Lesli!! We ended up not being able to visit wth Lesli later because of her having to pack and Ryan having school stuff, so I was glad to see her during our afternoon visit. I WILL VISIT E-town soon, I will feel justified having both Julie and Lesli there!! Plus, it is totally a day trip!

Preston Road has such a great kid's program-from what we could see. I loved the kids under construction theme, because they are!! Seems like the whole church got in on the decorating for it too. I love when kids are the focus of a church(after God, of course!!). They are the future of the church but more importantly-lifetime impressions are made in the formitive years. Our perceptions of God and church are made. Alot of lost people are lost because they were not cherished and honored in the church of their childhood. I digress, I really enjoyed touring the church! Plus the neighborhood all around was sooooooooooooo beautiful. Probably because it is such a wealthy neighborhood-but it was pretty anyway.

Speaking of neighborhoods-Bret and Summer's house is so new and spacious, Erik got a good case of house fever. I think he is finally over it as we are getting back into the groove of home. It is easy to get a case of the "wants" when staying in a house nicer than your own, but I truly feel there is no place like home. We may be COZIER than other houses, but I really like it here.

Later in the evening, after supper, Summer and I slipped away to Target. Good times. I love Target. I cannot figure out for the life of me why we don't have one-but we don't. Soon maybe. We returned home rather quickly and enjoyed a round of Dominoes with our dear hubbies. Of course, I was the grand champion of the night...if you go by the highest score. Of course, scoring correctly, I was the customary last place.

Next day, we let the kids play and worked on laundry and packing both families up. We were moving on because "Fish and houseguests both stink after 3 days"-I think that is Ben Franklin wisdom. We leave after two just to make sure we don't stinkify anything and we "always leave them wanting more, not wishing for less!" and They were packing for a spring break trip to sea world. Hopefully we were a help not a hinderance.

Bret and Summer are wonderful hosts and we enjoyed our visit very much. Please allow us to reciprocate if your family would ever hear of it!!

Summer-I NEED the pancake recipe. YUM! Scratch pancakes that taste great!! My scratch pancakes usually taste like scratch...heehee.


Julie Anne said...

Hey, you better come said it so you hafta!

summer said...

we enjoyed having you guys so much. as for the pancakes--unfortunately i don't really n=know the recipe. i just dump and pour till it is the right consistency. next time i make them i will tryy to measure it out to see what it is. lov eyou guys.