Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sorry so long since I posted!!!

I am busier than a one legged cat in a litter box.

Date night went well. We went out to eat, ate too much and then went to Walmart to get some things we needed. Typical married people dates. Comfortable, practical. Like an old shoe. Sometimes it isn't that way but I guess it is nicer to be comfortable than always be nervous wondering what the other person wants to do. I know my man wants to be home in his underwear watching TV. I don't have to wonder.

Two things haunting my brain:

My hair. I am trying to grow it out and I am a little "fluffy" right now. I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. I love to hate it...heehee. I like the softness of my hair, so I cannot stand styling products. Yet styling products would make it so much tamer. When I was about 30 or 31 my hair turned curlier. It had always been kind of wavy, but I have real full-blown curl now. It is very uncooperative and unpredictable. I had finally learned my hair and all its limitations and now I am still at square one. Frustrating. I am gonna grow it one more time and see what happens. People think I am losing weight as it gets longer, so I think it is the right track to be on. ( ;

The second thing weighing heavily on my brain is the lack of order to my home. In order for us to have more order, one of two things HAVE to happen. More space or less stuff. As flylady says "You cannot organize clutter". Oh no, you can't. I love our home. It is so "us". We did so much of the work ourselves and it just feels so much like mine. And our yard, our glorious wonderful yard. I just can't imagine being happier anywhere else. Except the cleaning thing.

Anyway, I checked a whole bunch of books out from the library on clutter and stuff and organizing. I have some ideas and a garage full of stuff to either be yard-saled or given away.(I think I sowre to never have a sale again, didn't I??!!) I look forward to making some huge progress, SOON.

I also checked out Pride and Prejudice and it is a good book. What a flowery vocabulary Jane Austin had. I've learned alot.


Susie said...

Ah, the hair issue. I'm growing mine out as well, which is a challenge. I can't stand frizzies, so I use the hated styling products. And the more gray I have, the less manageable my hair is. But I'm still covering it with color. You know my mantra, "As long as there are bottles of color on the shelf . . ."

And I can relate on the organization challenge, too. This past Monday, we took an entire pickup load from our garage to the landfill. Just plain old fashioned junk that I don't know why I felt it important enough to keep it this long!

Sallie said...

I jumped over to your site from jettybetty's and just had to post a comment! Pride and Prejudice is my very favorite story :-) As a matter of fact, lat year my husband was in Iraq for our anniversary and knew my copy was falling apart so he ordered a new leather bound, gold leafed edition off the web for my present. I love it!!

God bless,