Friday, March 09, 2007

Date night!

We are going on a date tonight, even though there are a million other things we should be doing. My friend was willing and available to babysit so we are sooo happy to go out and about. Part of the date will be errands, but that is OK because we are still alone and that doesn't happen often.

Well, as soon as he gets his cell phone lined out, we are going. He is on with technical support so hopefully it isn't one of those ten hour phone calls. So, of course, I am cashing in on the opportunity to blog because I must use up some words or I will overwhelm man of few words.

Toby is chaisng the cat all over the house and it is quite funny. Kids are not home so leave it to Toby to be chasing the cat and barking. (Erik is on the phone, don't forget) If it's not one thing, it's two.

Vacation looms ever nearer and I am about to burst at the seams with excitement. Obviously, my family didn't get out much to vacation when I was a kid, so it is an awesome treat to get to travel. On the other hand though, Erik's family did travel and he loves it too. My middle name is "go" and I live up to it every chance I get.

Just like a real date, we can't decide where we are gonna go eat. Some things never change. I am taking my acid reflux medicine NOW and totally drinking water (not tea, juice or milk-my other options). I really miss fizz. The other night I mussed up my hair and did my best addict imitation and told Erik how bad I needed a "fix" of soda. This is only day 17. PITY-FULL!

Phone call still goes on. Gonna go do a load of laundry. Whites to fold and a new one to start.

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