Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Snow? (!!) : )

It is snowing here but it is powder fine with just a few flakes here and there. I am scared to get excited because we have had this so many times before with no accumulation. It probably will happen this time though because we have a play scheduled for tomorrow and one of mine is sick now.

This morning as I looked at Kayla trying to decide if she was too sick for co-op, my phone rang and it was Sandy calling to tell me one of hers was sick and could I cover her for History. I decided Kayla was OK because replacing two moms would be impossible. Kayla was not herself all day and was starting to run a bit of a fever by the end of co-op. She had complained of a sore throat so after co-op, I went ahead and ran her by Dr. Telle for a step test. Thankfully, negative. Dr. Telle needs prayers though, she has been sick the last three days and still did not seem to be feeling well at all but had to see some patients. We came on home and Kayla's temp crept on up. I did not feel alarmed about her temp though until Erika and I got home from church. She was alarmingly hot. I checked her and she was up to 104.2. I like fever, it is a normal defense mechanism that kills whatever is ailing you. God designed us to do it-but 104 and up is out of my comfort zone. I made her uncover and sit at the kitchen table and drink sprite. I still wasn't too stressed because she had been under two blankets for two hours and that makes a low fever high. Tylenol did not seem to touch it though so after some advisement from Dr. Telle, we put her in the bath and gave her ibuprofen. (I have been to the corner grocery three times today with the same checker each time!!) I can't remember the last time we had high fevers around here so I guess we are due for it. I hated that I had forgotten all the worry/non-worry zones. She is resting easy now at 101 after some chicken soup. Just broth and noodles tonight but I promised her the real stuff tomorrow.

I guess with the sickness and snow it is kind of good I never got around to asking the Tracy's over to dinner!! Next week!! I hope.

I learned today our co-op takes a break every so often(I vaguely remember something about a certain # of weeks and then a week off but I had forgotten) and we have that break next week. I am so happy because I was growing very weary. VERY WEARY. The break is just in time to catch up on some things that have really piled up-mainly the sky high pile of paper on my bar!!

I am so tired and ready to be snowed in...I hope it is a good one so Erik can be snowed in with us and our play gets cancelled.

TEXANS-Our visit is not completely mapped out yet, but will be during the time frame of March12th-23rd. We have not decided exactly how long we will spend each place but plan to visit at least an evening with each of our buddies. We have also added San Antonio to our list because we feel we just must "Do the San Antonio Stroll". Summer, Steph, find out if any museums in your area have free days and what they are!! I don't think Karri reads my blog. I will call you guys soon and see if there is a time that is best to visit with you. JettyBetty, I hope our paths can cross. I would love to spend some time with you and your perma-honey if we can possibly arrange it. Warning, my children are very outgoing and Lilly may head-butt you in the stomach before I can get a good hold on her. She's fun like that. The trick is not to give her any attention and she stays wrapped around my leg. Pat her head or ask her to give you five and it all goes downhill.

I am off to dreamland with visions of snowfall dancing in my head.

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