Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Who me?

Yes, me. Keeping up with my homework and enjoying it. I am sort of notorious for not keeping up with my Bible studies. Usually because I am already so over-committed and then a Bible Study with daily homework on top of that puts me right over the edge. It has been great to only have the nightly readings and a little bit of online discussion. Reading the Bible parts each night has had me forsaking late night TV and SNACKING and I have been getting to bed at a decent hour...10 one night.By 11 every night. Since my bedtime had creeped up to 1-1:30 this is a great improvement.

I am also trying to be more careful what I eat, hoping to lose a little weight. OR a lot. OKAY A WHOLE LOT, but I am willing to do it slowly. Like a pound a year ha ha. By the time I am 80 I will be very thin.

I am off to take on the day. The kids say it is snowing...I don't want to miss that because I am on the 'puter.

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Steph said...

Snow is oh-so-much more fun than ice. I'm glad you are enjoying your bible study. Keep me updated.