Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Today in co-op, I learned the procedure for "substitute teachers". We had a lady out because her son was sick. It was very smooth. These ladies have thought of everything. I am benefitting from years of experience. I am glad I didn't have to start it. I fully appreciate them all.

I had some tense moments with my middle child today. She was soooo disrespectful when I was teaching Botany as a "sub" and art as the teacher. I wanted to throttle her. We have had many lectures. M.A.N.Y. She has been such a dream student in other classes which means nothing to me if she starts sporting a 'tude. We got no patience for 'tudes. 'Tudes are why we homeschool(reason #37). I hope the "attitude adjustment" has put her in proper perspective...and the "I brought you into this co-op and I can take you out" speech.

So the end of my day was kind of high stress. As are the end of all my days until the end of my days, I suppose. Some day I will look back on all of this and miss it. Seems impossible. I probably won't miss the 'tude days. I will miss the polite and respectful behavior since lecture #5, it has been above and beyond and I am thankful.

Church tonight and pampered chef party tomorrow night. YEAH!!! A party. I love my job and the temporary separation it affords me from the day to day. I hope I sell a million dollars worth of PC products as this is a fund-raiser for a good friend's daughter to have the ultimate field trip in the UK and Ireland. Let me know if you need anything-I can ship anywhere!

Also, I need to rant a little that my good friend moved to Abilene which is way south and is enjoying SNOW while we just got incredibly cold weather. Totally unfair. Isn't Texas supposed to be hot and dry, not cold and snowy. Do Texans even own a coat? Steph, mail us a snowball-ok!!

Hope you have a great church service or family night, whichever the case may be.


Steph said...

Church service won out- it was good. We really didn't get much snow, but the kids didn't let that stop them. If there had been big snow, then even I would have geared up to go out. What do you have for sale that I might like?

jettybetty said...

No, I don't have a coat--so what'a girl to do? Move to Hawaii?

Anonymous said...

I was going to email you, but didn't find an email on your blog.
I was just going to see if you had a catalog for Pampered Chef I could look at ?
Or can I look somewhere online and then place my order with you ?
You can email me if you want rather then having to comment on your blog.

Here's my email:

jettybetty said...

aaaawwww love the pic--you are about exactly as I imagined (beautiful!)!!!

Jacinda said...

What pic? I haven't seen a pic of you. JB got to see a pic?!!?

Jacinda said...

I see it, I see it! TOTALLY nothing like I pictured you...NOTHING! BUT...good! Funny how you picture people when you've never seen them!