Sunday, January 28, 2007

Arctic blast!

This morning as I dressed, I decided to wear my new blouse from our trip to Nashville. All of us girls got new shirts. Dad got to pay. (good times for dad) Actually Dad got a new drum case that cost lots more than our shirts cause we are bargain shoppers. We decided to go to 100 Oaks Mall in Nashville. Little did we know this mall only has about 7 stores. It was really depressing to see a two-story mall reduced to nothingness. But-there was a Burlington Coat factory with alot of clothes and we were all set.

Anyway, I digress. I put on my thin new blouse and then looked outside at the gorgeous brightly shining sun. I decided not to wear my coat. MISTAKE!!!! As I walked to the car I had the thought that it was kind of cool and I was sorry I had been fooled by the bright sun but I knew it was a short drive and it would only get warmer as the day wore on. WRONG! In the five minute drive to church, the one where the car does not get warm at all on polar bear weather days, I was chilled to the bone in the way you don't get over. So now after 10PM on Sunday night, I am still paying the price for not wearing a coat. I think the temp today was around 18 degrees and the wind chill was around 11. I am a fool. Luckily, my kids went with their Dad who is a faithful weather follower and so they were all appropriately attired.

I am battling some major faith/time/relationship issues of late and I need prayers. I am struggling in the busyness of my life still. I was smiling about a particular couple in church today and thought how nice it would be to have them over for a meal. I thought, YES! I should do that. Then I went over the week in my head and night. We have one night free this week. If hubby agrees, I am doing it anyway.

Secondly, I have really thought for the longest time that our church should be more focused on outreach and reaching the lost and I have gotten stuck in the "The church should" cycle. It is right where Satan wants me. I am trying to refocus on the "Janice should" cycle. I want to reach the lost people in my life. Our preacher talked about the fact that each one of us probably could make a list of all the names of lost people in our life. I decided I am going to do that. I am going to make a list and not only pray over them, but try to reach out to them in a relational way, not a religious way.

I think there are alot of people who are eager for closer relationships in my church. Why do we all keep going to the busiest people and expect them to make room for us? I really prefer our ministers to be ministering...I think they do to. Plus, our church is FULL of really neat people and think I am really missing out by not knowing them better.

Pray that I actually follow through on all of this and it isn't just another fleeting thought as I am prone to have and not act on. Lastly, I am falling behind on my Bible Study. I got several days behind and now am caught up to about 1 day behind. I don't want to fall behind again. Leviticus and Numbers are really hard to read. REALLY. I almost gave it up, but I have been blessed overall and I intend to "Just Do It!"

In other news, I was called self-righteous today and it really hurt my feelings. Badly. I don't think I am self-righteous at all. I struggle to feel somewhat forgiven most days. It concerns me that someone thinks I come across that way. I am praying that if there is truth to it, that it will be revealed to me and if there isn't, that person will see my heart, not whatever it is that is making them perceive me that way.


jettybetty said...

Yesterday here you would need a nice thin blouse, a couple layers of thermal underwear and a parka to just survive--and it was a gorgeous, sunny day--so I think I know why you are paying!

I love your brutal honesty! How many of us are caught up in "the church should"--without thinking WE are the church! (I've probably mentioned I hate Satan when it comes to this kind of stuff--I hope it makes me hate him enough I actually DO something!)

Praying you get caught up on your Bible study--the excitement level starts picking up in Joshua--and you are almost there!!!


Steph said...

Brrr! I got cold just reading about it. My mom said it was about the same in IL. 16 degrees or something like that and colder today.

Yes, it is easy to see what everyone else needs to do and hard to see what we need to do. I am always thankful when God opens my eyes to this. He will guide you, Sister!

Sandy said...

It never fails to amaze me how those who should love the most are often the worst about labeling each other with unfair and undeserved names, especially when they don't take the time to talk to the other person and find out what they meant, how they feel, why they say or do things... it's a lot easier to pass judgement and cast a label. Grace... we are so eager to accept it and can be so reluctant to give it.

summer said...

ugh!!!! that just makes me mad! i can't stand it when people start name calling and fault throwing as if they are without fault or they could be you better than you can. i really hate this in the ministry world, because people are so quick to judge when they don't have all the information!! i'm so sorry you were verbally attacked. hang in there. stick to dwelling in His Word. it will give you comfort and redirect your thoughts!! love you, janice,

Deborah and Sally said...

Oh man it is SO COLD !!!
I've been called things before to, I've realized that most things that people say, they're usually talking about themselves and don't even realize it !
I wouldn't "worry" about it :) The Lord knows who we are and we're human and not perfect by any means !