Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday Thirteen Favorite TV shows

Since most of yesterday was spent in Nashville and then with a crazy dog, there was not Thursday posting here! My 13 favorite TV shows.

1. BJ and the Bear (Greg Evigan/sp?/ was the man I wanted to marry) (There was a show with him and Paul Reiser called "My Two Dads" that I really liked alot too. That would be gay now.)

2. The Dukes of Hazard (I loved Luke, still think he's hot. Saw him up close at the summer festival a couple of years ago and he still is) (We actually played "Dukes" during recess)

3. Night Rider (NEVER thought David Hasselhoff was cute, but the idea of a car that drove itself was very appealing-and he was sucha smart alec. I had a crush on Kit)

4. The Facts of Life (This one should be number one)

5. Johnny Carson (I was a night owl even then. I loved him even when he bombed)

6. Dallas (I wanted to be Charlene Tilton)

7. The Cosby Show

8. Blossom (Still don't think Joey is cute...too goofy)

9. Remington Steele (I wanted to BE Laura)

10. Wonderwoman (had the underoos-loved them, wore them outside in summer to play. We lived in the middle of nowhere and I was very little)

11. Family Ties (I had a huge crush on Jason Bateman, forever...maybe still)

12. Gimme A Break (Joey was cute on this show!)

13. Silver Spoons (I wanted that train and that dad)

Runner Ups- Days of Our Lives...I never missed this show in summer. I loved Bo and Hope but loved Pete and Melissa more cause Pete was hotter.

Late night with David Letterman

Little House on the Prairie

Alfred Hitchcock's mystery show (Don't remember the name but I always watched it)

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Jacinda said...

Okay, I remember "My Two Dads" and loved it! We would watch it on Sunday nights after church. I have had the same thought...that it would be a gay show now based on the title. How sad. Of course, wasn't the premise that they didn't know which one WAS the dad because the mom had been with both of them??!? I guess that's not too good either. I loved the show though.

I LOVED Silver Spoons!!!!!! I would love to see reruns! Little House goes without even saying...a lifetime fave!