Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Please KY-don't elect a criminal!!

I will be so embarrassed if our end of the state sends Carroll Hubbard back into office. He is a convicted felon who committed his crimes WHILE IN OFFICE. Most people around here are such die-hard democrats, you just never know.

Had a girl night tonight and it was fabulosa. My friend Steph and I spent time together. She moves to Abilene in one week. I am sad. My kids are sad. I hope God really blesses her family with this move. IN A BIG WAY, cause it is breaking my heart.

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Heather said...

Hey....I needed a girl nite too....I am happy ya'll got to go out! EVEN if I didn't get to be a part of it..grrrrrr
I just emailed her!! I will totally miss her too.
I was just getting to know them.
God is good, He will supply. They are a great family.