Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Peaks and Valleys

As I crawled into bed last night after a girl's night out, I had such a feeling of love and afection for my dear hubby. He was glad for me to get away and spend time with my friend. He enjoys his time with the girls-eating frozen pizza and watching TV. Sometimes they clean the garage or wash cars. Not too long ago, they "helped" him plug a tire that had a nail in it. Despite all of our quarrels-and there are many-we are truly blessed to have one another. Our girls are blessed to have a cool dad-a drummer and a mailman and he knows alot about cars too.

I drove the "hot" car last night and you are right Susie, it is very lightweight and goes fast quickly. I made sure to set the cruise on the interstate! It has some new-fangled security things that I will have to get used to, but I like the car.

So far, KY did not elect the criminal to office but he was defeated so narrowly-81 votes-that Carroll Hubbard felt "he owes it to his supporters to ask for a re-canvass". I can't believe a former felon can even run, much less be almost elected. The union brotherhood is all that keeps the democrats in power. If the republicans could just support unions a little, that liberal freak-a-zoid party would ride off into the sunset never to be heard from again. Is anyone really FOR higher taxes, bigger government and redistribution of wealth? I don't think so.

OKAY, I know you don't read MY blog for politics so I will shut up-unless that recanv-ass changes anything and then I will have one more rant. Bob Leeper is a good man who does the right thing no matter what. I am glad he won and he had my vote. For the record, he denounced republicans as well as democraps and votes to do the right thing not the "party" thing. What more could you want from an elected official?


Susie said...

I am wailing today at all the democrat victories . . .

jettybetty said...

Yep, I always thought I wanted to perfect family--but I think the one God gave me was the BEST family for me! I hope you just keep on enjoying them all!

Anonymous said...

I also can't believe that a former felon is able to run !! That's unbelievable to me.

Anonymous said...

The closet legalist in me says to post date your blog (you can do this under the comment options on your edit page) :-)

The Republicans deserved to lose this race for running someone against Leeper and splitting the vote, but Leeper was a nit-wit for switching to Independent anyway. But I hope he pulls this one out- he is a good guy and represents us well.