Monday, November 06, 2006

Ted Haggard

Please go to Mike Cope's blog first and read his blog first. He publishes the apology letter Ted wrote to his congregation and some commentary.

The heartache of this circumstance is so evident no matter where you look. There are so many hidden sins around in the church. We are all so shocked when they are revealed. I believe each one of us has a vice that cuts us to the quick, our "hidden" sin. Most people are not quick to reveal these. Christians are in bondage of sin and we pretend we are perfect. We put on our church face and tsk tsk at the sins of others.(I prefer to tsk tsk over a slice of chocolate cake!) It is easier to see the speck in someone else's eye and ignore the plank in our own.

If we can appreciate the great leaders of our world and realize they are under attack daily by Satan, we might strengthen our cause not weaken it. Prayers lifted up on their behalf, not expectations. I expect all of my christian family will be called to a life that is set apart from the lives of the world. I learned a long time ago from a friend how hard it is to live in a fishbowl way up on a pedestal. The expectations of others are impossible to live with, in fact, it becomes a stronghold like no other.

We must remember that satan is on the prowl seeking to devour and defile believers. If we put on our perfect face and act like we have it all together all the time, we do a diservice to our family of believers. In the last days of the church, if we don't get on our knees and fight the battles of spiritual warfare united together, we not only lose the world, we lose ourselves.

Please don't join the scorn of Ted Haggard, pray that God will restore him and build his testimony to reach others with similar strongholds.

Also, we must remember, only Christ was perfect. As much as I love Beth Moore, she is only human. I want to believe she is perfect. Sometimes I even think-"I wish I could ask Beth about this". This borders on worshipping an idol. She is not God, she speaks truth that I believe is of God but that does not make her God. Like Paul, she is a messenger to our time. As Christians we are called to serve GOD, not people. If we get all caught up in serving and worshipping our leaders, we missed the real deal of Christ.

Leaders come and go, rise and fall, but God is forever.


jettybetty said...

Amen Sister! I am with you! We ALL have huge weaknesses--so who am I to look down on anyone?

BTW, your book is in the mail ;-)!!!
Hope you LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

I sooo agree ! How quickly people are to look at everybody else, when they really need to stop looking at the speck in their brothers eye and look at the huge plank in their own eye.
The thing is we all sin, have weaknesses and are human so really we're all the same !

Susie said...

Thank you for the reminder. Sometimes, I think I need to read this daily.

BTW--you are going to LOVE that Red State book! : ) : )