Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A question, if you please.

If you know me at all, you know I love a bargain. Please tell me about your best bargain. Please de-lurk if you have never commented-I want to hear from you!

I have no clue how to link it, but Sept 15th of 2005 in my blog archive tells of a wonderful bargain event at Walgreens.


Susie said...

I'm sorry janjan. I never have the time/patience to hunt bargains. I usually just end up shopping at Walmart, hoping for a good price--LOL.

Jacinda said...

I don't know about my BEST bargain, but one really great, simple one is one of the times I went to the local consignment sale. There was a pair of shorts overalls that had Winnie the Pooh, etc. on them. Because there was a tiny non-noticeable hole in them I was able to get them for only $1!

Gracie got TONS of wear out of those and I know Katie will too!

Sandy said...

Yard-saling has to be the best form of bargain hunting. Well, maybe ebay too. At yard sales, I've purchased an exact duplicate of my $300 Wind Tunnel vacuum cleaner in perfect condition for $10, pretty brass floor lamps for $5 each, and I purchased a ceramic quilt decorative thing for .25 after I had admired them at the quilt museum for $18. (Clearly someone did not appreciate last year's Christmas gift!) I purchase most of my clothes on ebay and pay a fraction of what the department store charges for my favorite brand. I once paid $26 for a video teaching series by Gary Smalley that retailed for over $150 at the Christian bookstore. And just last week at the consignment store, I found the cutest pair of almost-new ankle boots at the consignment store for 1/2 off, making them about $4. I could go on and on... sorry I can't think of my "best" bargain! I love the thrill and the spoils of a good bargain hunt!