Sunday, October 22, 2006

First Communion!

Erika got to participate in the Lord's Supper today. The girls have been discussing this wonderful occasion since Wednesday. Erika had forgotten about that little perk, but Lilly could never forget. Lilly has been obsessed with the Lord's Supper since she was two and maybe before. The church we attend does it every Sunday and every Sunday, she longs to participate. Today after the "bread" was passed, she had forgotten to watch Erika (she was busy playing tic-tac-toe). She turned around and in a loud voice said, "Did Erika get some, Erika is supposed to get some now!" She was so worried that someone would forget and Erika would be left out. Of course, I was so worried too, about pictures. I was torn about whether I should. It seemed a little irreverent, but I decided no flash and if they did not turn out, God did not approve (or maybe there just should have been more light-hee hee!).It was an exciting day. Someone also put Erika's picture in the bulletin announcing her baptism and she was very excited about that. I hope people let up soon, she is starting to expect hugs and congratulations everywhere she goes!! No lectures from me yet, but they may start if she starts a fan club or anything.

We went to Food Giant after church to get the rest of our groceries for the next two weeks. That wiped out all yard sale money and then some. It was fun while it lasted. It is a good lesson for the girls to see just how pointless alot of stuff is. We worked all day for two days selling soooo much stuff. Then spent it all on groceries. I hope they emerge from our household with a grasp on the dynamics of money. I learned it all the hard way. We are still paying some of those bills ) :

We have our high speed internet kit. We have had it for a week. We have not had time to install it. We also have no idea what we are doing. We are going to attempt it tonight or tomorrow night. This is a big step for us but everyone says it will be great. Thank you Dialog for coming through with a high speed plan cheaper than our regular internet!! XOXOXO to Dialog!! I'll let you know how it turns out.

Off to care group real soon!! Have a blessed Lord's Day!


Susie said...

Yay! Hi-speed internet. Let me know how it goes . . .
: )

thruchildeyes said...

Reading about Erika's baptism brought tears to my eyes. I'm glad we got to be there!