Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I am still posting it though, with credit to the author!! Sagerat, you are a genious. Leave comments begging her to write some more!
Here is her latest entry:

The Problems with Homeschooling

Everyone is always singing the praises of homeschooling. I think it's about time someone stated the problems with education in personal abodes, and not from the public school supporters. Who better to state the problems than one who has experienced them for the last 11 years?

1. It makes you lazy. I have sat around in my pajamas all day long, just reading books with my children curled up beside me. My lunch has been served to me by a smiling teen who was thrilled to get in the kitchen and make a meal for others.

2. You don't get short answers to your questions. When a public school child comes home and is asked what he did that day, he simply replies, "Nothing." Homeschooled students follow you about the house and report in great detail about everything they have learned, even if you were the one that just taught it to them.

3. You can't threaten to expel errant students. Since you can't send them away for weeks at a time you must find a way to live with them. You must also continue to educate them through their "disciplinary period."

4. You can't pass the buck. If your child doesn't learn something, is sassy or disruptive you can't blame it on bad parents, or bad teachers.

5. The principal won't be in his office until dinner time. As he is out soliciting funds from a regular supporter to help keep the school financed.

6. School is never over, you never get to punch the clock. You may have put the books away, but the learning never ends. You trained them to love learning, you encouraged them to keep learning beyond the textbook and test, and now you have to continue to answer questions asked of you.


Susie said...

That's good stuff.

Anonymous said...

HI! I found your blog through the carnival of homeschooling--I like it, I see a lot of similarities in myself! =)

This list is so true! It really is!