Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Perfect in every way...

I apologize for being such a bad blogger. I am enjoying me some fine weather!! Sunday afternoon, we did much needed yard work and then came in and caught up on some housework so we could play on Monday(federal holiday). We went to Garden of the Gods and then to Rim Rock. These are parks in Southern Illinois that are GORGEOUS!! It takes a while for us to get there but they are totally worth it. Erik walked us like we were his dogs!! He is so fit from delivering mail. At one point I was huffing and puffing like a choo-choo. There are about 600 steps at rim rock and they are all steep...very steep. Lilly was so tired!! Erika and Kayla were too but they are old enough to trudge on. Lilly still thinks about someone packing one else was thinking that. She was very grouchy and sound asleep before we got home.

Yesterday was my homemakers meeting and then home to do school and then drop kids off at Memaw and Pepaws so mom can get another haircut-last one was in May. I was much overdue! Then I returned some clothes to Elder-Beerman bought for me by the bestest in-laws in the world. They did not fit. I bought 5 new shirts on sale and a new pair of capris. I spen $29.47. All Alfred Dunner. I love sales!! Then I changed in the van...hee hee...I can do this with great skill, no one would notice. Not sure when I picked up this skill but I have it. Then I went to my homeschool support meeting at Olive Garden. It was a great time of fellowshipping. I love these ladies!! I can't imagine going through the rigors of homeschooling without other people to pray for and to pray over me. We got new prayer partners. Mostly though we talked and laughed and ate too much pasta.

Today is supposed to be Erik's day off but he is working. The post office is very shorthanded. Our family is going to Tennessee today to see some wildlife and then to a civil war battlefield park. These are places I learned about at my teacher workshop. I am so excited and I must go dress and pack and be gone!! Like southern IL, it is almost a couple hour drive but totally worth it. My friend Jennifer and I are carpooling...SIX kids. I hope I am still sane when we get there!!


Susie said...

So which battlefield did you go to? Did you see Carter House in Franklin? And you know that the Jack Daniels Distillery isn't far from there in Lynchburg, and they give free tours (no alcohol served, it's a dry county. LOL) Cades Cove is awesome to visit too, in Gatlinburg.

Tell me all about where you went and what you saw when you post again. Girl, you're in the South, and you may decide not to go back! ; )

Susie said...

P.S. You're so close, you should've just come a bit farther South and said "Howdy" in Alabama! ; )