Saturday, October 07, 2006

Fall, glorious fall!

I can't believe it has been a whole year. I have missed you soooo much. I even did extra school days in summer so my family could totally enjoy you. Welcome, welcome and please don't rain so much we can't enjoy you fully. Give us a few days of glorious sweatshirt weather and gorgeous leaves to look at and then rake up and play in.

Take your time, pull up a chair. Don't pay any attention to the cold that follows you, in fact let's just skip that. Let's just have fall until spring, okay maybe a big snow on Christmas Eve night that is all melted away on the 26th.

I love you fall! Don't ever change. You are going far!! LYLAS. BFF.


Jacinda said...

I agree; I love fall and think it goes away too quickly! I just wish I didn't have so many pine trees in my yard. Looking at pine straw on my grass isn't as pretty as looking at pretty fall leaves!

heather said...

Hooray for fall!! We LOVE you too!!
Tonite was just the start of a great fall....chill in the air, hay rides, cake walks,barn party...chili...Jan, you make the bestest chili ever, besides me, of course.:)
U Rock! I LOVE tomatoes and pasta in mine....I totally want that recipe. NOW.

Susie said...

I also love fall. My favorite time of year . . .

Ryan and Lesli said...

I miss the KY fall!! We're just now getting to the 80s!!! How is CRAVE to have the KY fall here in TX!! Enjoy it for me, too!!

Juliabohemian said...

How strange it must be to live in a place where the time of year actually makes some kind of difference in your wardrobe.

I wear the same clothing pretty much all year, including bikenstocks with no socks. I also own no coat. Sometimes I even go to the beach during the winter. Makes for good beachcombing during storms. I live in the OC.

I've visited the East coast during the fall though and it's really enchanting.

BohemianMama said...

LOL!! You cracked me up on the "lylas, bff".
I must say, I am every bit as in love with fall. I think the kids might even get tired of my enthusiasm over it... "look, the tree in the front yard has a few more yellow leaves than it had yesterday!"
"um, sure mom...neat."

jettybetty said...

I love your seasons calendar--about 2-3 days of winter is enough for me! Do you think we could only have about 3 days of summer, too?