Thursday, October 12, 2006

I lost my sanity...have you seen it?

Turns out, being with six kids all day makes me pretty edgy. It is one thing to be with my own(I am edgy then too depending on the day!), quite another to add 3 more to the mix. I am not as easy going as I try to delude myself into thinking. I have to really work to love kids and usually really like their parents alot too. Some kids are exceptions-most 1-3 year olds are exceptions. They are so funny even when they are bad that I love'em. All the more if they are not mine.

AND one-on-one almost all kids are very enjoyable.

Boys in groups though, wear me out. I don't have any experience to draw on. I can't tell the normal behaviour from the bad. I do know, they are out to be noticed. Like birds, they puff up their feathers and try to stand out in a group. The testosterone makes me a little crazy. God knew this about me, this is why I have girls.

Normally, I can handle all of this in a group setting because there is a refuge-my own vehicle. I need a refuge and yesterday I was without one. It is possible to threaten my children into blissful silence for a few minutes to recharge. I do not have this control over other children lacking any of my DNA.

No more carpool for me. I'm just not easy-going enough. I will try to break this to my friend Jennifer who loves to ride together. I love her and her kids. I just don't want to take trips with six kids together. EVER. AGAIN. Nor anyone else. EVER. AGAIN. It is a little sad too, because I think my kids totally enjoyed seeing mom pluck her hair out strand by strand. They have also enjoyed watching all of the twitches in my face that won't stop.

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Sandy said...

As far as carpools, the best plan is NOT to plan, and then if you are lucky, you can farm all your kids out to other vans! At the very least you might get one of yours and one of someone else's, and you can still threaten them because they don't have critical mass. That's the objective when dealing with other people's kids: never let them attain critical mass. You and Jennifer were doomed from the start and you didn't even know it! :-)