Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Making a dent... our big old mountain of stuff. I bet I had 8 or nine boxes and bags just brimming with stuff that I sold at the yard sale with Jennifer. The stuff I kept to give away or consign is in one box(very small). Two boxes went to goodwill. I am making progress. It is slow but I am actually doing it not moving it all around the house like I have in year's past. I am experiencing two things of note.

1. I feel free-er somehow. Like I can go and find something I need without digging through a mountain. Things are filed a little better and are accessible. A friend borrowed a chef's hat yesterday and I went right to it. I love that.

2. I am feeling content with the size of our house for the first time in a long time. We do have enough room when there is not clutter everywhere you look. Don't get me wrong. I would love to have a larger house(2000 sq ft would be great) with a full unfinished(for now) basement(for skating, playing, birthday parties, scouts, etc) but I feel very blessed to have a home that fits our family, lifestyle and budget.

Also, as I get to the bottom of the barrel of stuff, I am finding guilty "stuff". Stuff given to me, stuff my kids made, stuff I have kept forever, hubby stuff, stuff, stuff and then a bit more stuff.

I am feeling so sorry for those of you who have not even started to weed out your stuff. What are you waiting for? wwwDOTFlyladyDOTnet is where you should start!! She is a lifesaver-but don't sign up for the emails, you will never leave your computer. Just make her site your homepage!!

Oh yes, if you have any tips-YOU MUST SHARE!! organizing, decluttering, filing. Any topic on conquering the organizational beast. I could read 500 comments if you have that many tips. Post more than once if you need to. THANKS!!

Have a blessed Wednesday!


Susie said...

Girl, you are hooked! LOL. But I am proud of you for doing so well. : )

BohemianMama said...

I think my biggest tip on decluttering would be--just DO it! I rarely keep stacks of papers, clothes etc., lying around, I very regularly throw away stuff that I don't need.This habit is my best buddy when it comes to having room and not much clutter. I'm also (sorta) learning to stop fooling myself with the "might need this someday" reasoning.

jettybetty said...

I can Amen that "don't sign up for Fly Lady's emails--you will never get away from you computer."

I do think I feel freer when I declutter. My problem is I don't deal with it every day--I let it get backed up. Dealing with it every day would require so much discipline I might not have though ;-)!