Thursday, October 12, 2006

Despite the nervous breakdown,

It was a great day. I loved everything that we did and having so many great conversations with Jennifer. We both love nature and field trips so it was much fun. We went to the BIG SANDY unit of the Tennessee Wildlife Refuge in Paris, TN. We took a hike through the woods with 31 kids and adults. We, of course, saw very little wildlife. I think they heard us coming. A. MILE. AWAY! We did see a little garter snake and I uttered words I never dreamed I would say. "Protect the snake from the children." I did not think I could feel so sorry for a reptile. Yes, my children were totally involved in the scaring of the snake. It took every ounce of self-control in Lilly(and Erika) to leave without picking that snake up. Amazing thing #2-my friend Shaun got a call on her cell phone in the middle of the woods-PERFECT RECEPTION! I wanted to make calls too, just for the wonder of it but I did not bring it. The kids did a scavenger hunt through the woods as well and really enjoyed finding stuff. We also saw a turtle that was picked up before we could say, "Don't".

After the hike, we went to Fort Donelson in Dover, TN. We ate our lunch first and then watched a movie about the battle that happened there. Then we learned about cannons and toured the park. The kids loved this park as much as I. It is just full of so much history along with natural beauty. I think I will organize another full day field trip to this place because we barely scratched the surface of the learning we could do there! We then went to the cemetary of the soldiers and the Dover hotel where the surrender was made.

We ended our day as all days should end-junk food from Sonic. I caved and got kids meals and then after throwing away food and arguing over toys-remembered why we don't get them. It was a cool toy though- a learning wheel that taught things I did not know such as, when you are born you have over 350 bones but after they fuse you are left with a mere 206. I have even learned those bones but did not know that fact.

I give this field trip an A-.


Susie said...

ROFLMBO!!! You had a rough time in that vehicle, didn't you? LOL--that's why I have a thumping stereo system. If my nerves begin to fray, I holler, "SINGALONG!" and turn up the music to drown out the fussing and fighting. It's great. ; )

I do know what you mean about other people's kids. I love my own, but I don't understand anyone else's over the age of 2-3. Nobody else raises their kids right. ; )

((hugs!)) :::smoothing nerves:::
(Next time go to the places I mentioned--good stuff!) : )

Sandy said...

Great reception in the middle of the woods, huh? We were on Liberty Island this spring, smack dab in the middle of the harbor between NYC and NJ and had the most horrible reception of the entire trip. (We envisioned Cingular putting an antenna right up on top of Lady Liberty's torch.)