Friday, October 13, 2006

God is blessing Texas...

AGAIN with one of my good friends. I hate it and love it for them. She and I have bonded in a way that I cannot even describe except to say it is "iron sharpening iron".

Please pray for Stephanie & Chad. This is a good thing for them but it is hard to move with four kids even in the best of circumstances. She is such an example to me of truly being a helpmeet to your husband and also being a submissive wife. Some of us talk the talk-she walks the walk(or maybe drives the drive is a better way to put it!).

Abilene is where they are headed. All of you Abileneans are very lucky to be getting such an awesome family back (they left you to come here). This does kind of clench it for us that we will have to visit Texas in the near future. We just have too many connections there not to. On the plus side is the fact that Texas is so small we can see each of them easily: Houston, Dallas, Beaumont, Abilene-all so close in proximity!!...hee hee.


jettybetty said...

Please don't forget Keller TX--we will be right on your path between Dallas and Abilene. I hate it when good friends move. Makes me always glad God never moves!

heather said...

Hey there, yes, i snuck next door, just to say hi!! I hope my internet is back tomorrow!!
I am soo sad they are moving. I did not know.
I have to call her.
My hubby was in Abilene, before he quit to come home to was actually snowy there?!
Ok, happy blogging.
there. goodnite.
Some of us still have field trips, with boys. :)
It's sad when your own family fills up a suburban.
I do love it though. Boys and all.