Saturday, October 14, 2006

Ten thousand things I should be doing

...but instead I read blogs and blog. I must put some sort of limit on myself. TV time is now spent bloglanding(reading or writing of blogs). While the giving up TV part is good, I don't think this is quite the route I should go with my new-found time.

So much to post about so I will do the good old random and odd method.

*I introduced my children to another one of my "nieces" today. They are thoroughly confused by the fact that I have nieces and nephews my age and older. This is due to the fact that my stepfather is 20 years older than my mom. He also has 9 children. Some of these children are older than my mom. They were all grown when he and my mom married. I was six. These are my "brothers and sisters". I very rarely see any of them. Their children, my nieces and nephews, are grown with children both older and younger than mine. When I think of my family tree it makes me feel a little loopy (What about the two women my dad divorced and those step-siblings??) I guess it seems really simple to some of the family trees growing now-a-days!! Anyway we had a nice visit with Kelly, who is divorced and remarried to an older man with grown children...the cycle repeats!!

*I cannot believe I did not post about our field trip to the jail!! Actually it was to the courthouse, but the kids only were excited about the jail. I mean, really, is it possible to make the circuit court clerk or PVA office interesting-no offense. Anyway, they loved it. It was so scary/safe/scary. I hope none of my children ever see it from a non-tour vantage. Thanks to all law-enforcement type people!!

*Lilly spent the night with my mom last night and we used the opportunity to take the older two to Judgement House. It was really neat. It is a peek into the "lives" of a group of teenagers. It is just a series of skits, but designed to really make you think. It shows a tragedy and then the afterlife. It really impacted Erika, who is ten. It really focused on salvation and making the decision to accept Christ. It had a great impact on Kayla to, just not the same. It will be interesting to see what develops in the next few days/weeks. I am not a great fan of fire and brimstone scare tactics, but there is a promise of hell to those who don't accept Christ. This is not to be taken lightly.

*Mount Washmore is once again a full fledged mountain. I must go now and chip away!


Susie said...

Oh! I do love Judgement Houses. A good wake-up call!

Anonymous said...

Hey, which church? Ours is only every 2 yrs. Which,was last year.
I love to go to JHouses.
I'll call ya, I want to go.
yes, it's late.
I need to go home, heehee

me said...

oh, man, that was from me....heather