Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Glad I stopped at three!!

I just babysat a four year old and a baby overnight for a friend(in addition to my 3). I can barely function today. I forgot how hard it is to get up in the night with a baby. I hope my friend enjoyed being down to one!! I have been a walking zombie since they left at three-thirty-ish(all day). (Not even mentionioning how hard I had to work to get my floors crawlable before they arrived-wait I guess I am-hee hee!!!)

I will blog more soon. I need some recovery time. Label me a wimp and step up on your pedestals, those of you with more than three children(or still getting up with babies!)!!

My homework for Bible study is done. TV cut-back is going well, sweets too. I have resisted many candy bars at checkout and had only one serving (or less) of many sugary things!!


Susie said...

Ah, but it's much easier with your own baby, in my experience. I would love, love, love to have at least one more, but alas, my body won't go there.

Good job on resisting the sugar. I struggle with that as well as there is a huge box of chocolate candy just sitting about 5 feet away in my office. :::wince::: Holding out till my birthday . . .

heather said...

I agree with Susie, much easier with your own.You are not a wimp! 4 is not a lot to us. Once you get past 3, what's a few more? You will have lots of help!!
Getting up IS harder sometimes. They are well worth it.

Great going on the sugar!! Keep it up.
You are doing great...