Saturday, September 30, 2006

I love myself...and so do I!

It has been just a few short hours since my last sugar treat. However, I have not had a sugary "episode"(read binge) in many days. Part of me longs to be healthier and cross off sugar completely and the other half of me wants to beat that half to a pulp and celebrate with cake. What is a girl to do? I am taking the wean myself off slowly approach for 1 week and if the cravings intesify, then I will have to do cold turkey again never to return just in time for the holidays.

Sleeping on the floor of the quilt museum was really fun-EXTREME sarcasm! Susie, I did not want to!! I was scared I would look to princess-y if I took an air matress but next time I will risk being a princess to sleep. Spoiled. Spoiled. I kept trying to think of our troops sleeping in holes in the sand but kept thinking if they were in my shoes-they would do an air matress.

Real fun though was touring the museum in the dark with flashlights and pajamas on. And since we were all girls, free access to the men's room as well. I can now say I have used the men's room at the quilt museum in my pajamas. Yes, the "lock-in" transformed me into a middle-schooler. Hee hee. I will now find sexual/gross references in everything everyone says. It is my duty. (hee hee, duty-get it-doody??!!ROTFL)

This weekend is also the BBQ festival and Erik has spent so much time downtown, our house sort of smells like we are cooking ribs or something. The girls and I got to see him play yesterday before we "checked into" the quilt museum and he was great. He was also excited to see us when he took a short break. We got to see him this morning a couple of times too after we were done "cuddling with the quilts". All my scouts were picked up at 10AM. We stayed at the fest till about 12:30. The BBQ festival is so much fun. I love to see our fair city so full of people. Especially downtown. The parking is HORRENDOUS and the food is way overpriced, but it is almost all for charity and a totally fun way to spend a day (or three).

I am so excited to be back to my bed tonight. I may even go there before midnight.


Heather said...

LOL!!! Janice I am NOT impressed - really how many men do you think have used the bathroom at the QUILT museum? Now If was the Harley Davidson store.... ;-)

Juliabohemian said...

So, just to clarify, because you talk about having "cravings" weren't an "over eater" but just one who craved sugar? I mean, did you crave food in general or just sugar? Because couldn't there be a medical reason for that?

I can't even believe there is a quilt museum.

Susie said...

I think that sounds like marvelous fun (minus the sleeping on the floor part)! : )