Saturday, October 21, 2006

At last...a small timeframe in which to blog.

I am so glad I made the commitment to pare back our activities. Based on the flurry of activity this past week and the upcoming activities that close out the month, I might be a little nutty if I had not "cut back". November will be different. I mean it.

Okay, I told you about Judgement House and how awesome it was. Apparently, it made a huge impact on my little girls!! Erika made the decision Sunday morning that she wanted to be saved and baptized-but not Sunday, Wednesday night. We have discussed this for so long I was relieved to see the spirit working in her little heart (and Kayla's-soon, I think). I totally supported this decision because Wednesday is really more the core of the church. Of course some have homework school issues that cause them to miss, but for the most part-Wednesday night is tight-knit.

At church, she was very nervous, but not as nervous as her Daddy who was doing the baptizing. They both did great. I can't even describe what a milestone this is for us. On so many levels. Thank you God for sooo much grace and mercy! And the precious little souls you entrusted to us!


Tuesday night, we took the van to get a new radiator and started sharing a vehicle. BOO. HISS.

Wednesday morning, Erika and I attended a Rotary Club luncheon because of her County Grand Champion award in drawing. This was mostly a 4-H thing so we were a little out-of-pocket. I wasn't sure if I should attend with her or not since she is not in a club. I called the extention office and they said I certainly should. It was not at all what I expected. It was nice though and Erika and her friend Hannah were able to spend time together and they always love that. Since we were transportationally challenged, my friend Lisa(Hannah's mom ) brought us and dropped us off while she picnicked with my other two and her other two. We all enjoyed our day.

Thursday, Erik was off so I went to Bible study with no children. Then right back home to get some school done before time for dance class. Thursday evening, we went to church to celebrate 50 years and a renewing of vows with a lovely couple in our church. That is such an amazing accomplishment and they are so very much in love. God is good. 12 down, 38 to go for us.

Thursday night, I went to Jennifer's house to get ready for the yard sale Fri-Sat. We got it mostly ready to go and then I came home to catch very few ZZ's and then the next morning, Erik dropped all of us off to yard sale. My kids had their ultimate dream come true. A LEMONADE STAND!! There was much strife at first but then we had a schedule going on and they took turns well. They sold $22 of lemonade Friday. $15.50 Saturday. WOW! Who knew lemonade was so lucritive. Several people did not even want lemonade and just gave the kids money. What are they thinking???? This was a lesson to work for your money. I went over cost (overhead) and profit and partnerships. "Here kid, here's a dlloar for nothing." I made sure they said "Thank you!". Lilly got a little hooked on the free money for no's. At one point a man said no, but gave her a $1. The lady right behind him also said no. Liily's reply? "Do you wanna do what that man just did?" Thankfully the lady had a sense of humor. (But no "money for nothing") Jennifer and I have had a ball for two days. Thankfully on Monday we will have a field trip together so we don't have to go too long before referee-ing and talking together again. Erik picked us up in the van on Friday, but left the jeep to get worked on next so Saturday we were up to take him to work, then yard sale. Picked him up at work, went to ALDI and spent almost the entire yard sale proceeds.

CAR REPAIR BILLS STINK!!! I am thankful for great friends who do a great job on car repairs for a fair price!!

I'm going to bed now. Can any one say EXHAUSTED!!


Jacinda said...

Yea for Erika making the decision to follow Christ!

jettybetty said...

Here's a second for Erika--and your entire family--I am so happy for you all!

I love your attitude--you always find reasons to rejoice! (and make me laugh!) =-)

Susie said...

Hooray for Erika!! : )