Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Top 10 reasons I am crazy this fine September:

10. I scheduled a retreat for me and an overnight girl scout event in the same month. (One or the other crazy woman but never both!!)

9. The first day of September started with a Pelvic exam. (Not the best way to start your month!)

8. There was a field trip on skate day. It's what I call a twofer. AND. LIKE. A. FOOL. We went to both.

7. I am behind on all schoolwork and just got caught up on my school log YESTERDAY.

6. I am behind on all housework. I have yet to take one item to charity so the piles are all over the house!!

5. On September 8th, I was caught up on schoolwork and housework. Only about 4 days later I was hopelessly behind on all.

4. We have had 2 playdates already this month because I am crazy. We are calling it "social studies". (Not really, we catch up later in the day!!)

3. I spent an entire Saturday with my mom and then my dad. (These should not occur in the same day!!)

2. We start TWO new extracurricular activities next week because I am simplifying our lives...

1. I scheduled all the girls(including me-see #9) for a physical this month all within a 20 day span. I should work at the doctor's office for how often I am reporting in!! Last one today!

I love that I am paring back my life and making more room for family time and God time.


jettybetty said...

I love the way you are cutting back, too ;-)!

Heather said...

I totally cut back "Jan-style" too!!
Fun, isn't it:)
It's like I cut 3 things out, and just add 7 more!!!
Bible study is sooo worth it, though!
Have a great week!
Heather..your stalker friend with no blog of her own......haahaahaa

BohemianMama said...

It's possible to get "caught up" on housework?

Enlighten me on that one, my dear Janice! :)

The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

Wow, you're a busy woman!! I have a pretty tame life. Get SlowMo ready for school..take care of some I'm going to Target. Oh ya, and it's almost 2pm and I'm still in my pj's. Rough life huh? LOL

Juliabohemian said...

yeah...I am kind of feeling that same way. A few months ago I had dental surgery and a pelvic on the same day. The OB said "are you some kind of masochist?"

Anonymous said...

yeah, my activity always seems to come in clumps. for about 3-4 days i can almost get bored with so little to do since micah started school. two kids to take care of is a lot less than three! since he is in school, we can't go far because we have to be back by 2:30 to pick him up. but when it rains, it pours. like last weekend--my entire family came in on thursday morning(8people.)
i spent every minute playing, talking, cleaning, washing, cooking, cleaning, playing, soccer practice, soccer pictures, bring team soccer refreshiments, soccer game, brets fall show, gather activity supplies for preschool classes for sunday morning and deliver, teach middle school for baby shower food, host baby shower, take care of crazy sleep deprived 3 year old in very nice house during baby shower, clean up after shower, and come home to crash. the rest of the month is a breeze though!! love you,

Susie said...

LOL--I think #3 alone would do me in!