Monday, September 18, 2006

I hate the rain!!!

Okay, I don't hate it. I know it is necessary, but it sure does bring me down. I am way to busy to blog. Mondays are full for sure. I just wanted to post something even if it is short.

I should kick up my stress level about ten or fifty notches so I could actually get some adrenaline going. It might help me catch up on some stuff let go too long!!

My church angst is cured by prayer. I am accepting not "fitting in". I am choosing to see it as a way to bring people together. Since we are always in the middle of things without feeling a part of things, we can just connect people while we are there. Thanks Steph S., for listening to me as I sorted that out in my brain!! I am still praying for someone to come along that can be a really strong christian friendship for my fella though. Maybe a whole family ( :

I am teaching parliamentary procedure to my girl scouts this year and it is fun fun. Gotta go, I am researching the web to save me some typing!!

Have a great Monday!!

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~d said...

I am curious about: I am accepting not fitting in.