Wednesday, September 06, 2006

"The [person] who is always having ... feelings hurt is about as pleasant a companion as a pebble in a shoe." ~Elbert Hubbard

Feeling like a pebble in a shoe today afer re-reading my last couple of posts. The above quote came in my inbox today. Appropriate, me thinks. I considered deleting the posts, but they are accurate as far as how I feel and this blog is my journal that I hope one day my little chitlins will read. I don't want to send the message that my life was sunshine and roses all the time. I don't guess there is any worry of that . My second concern is that some people from my church read this and I assure you guys, this is more about me and mine than anyone at church. We have never reached out to anyone that someone wasn't reaching back! Our church is not large-around 200-but that is an awkward size in my opinion. Too large to be super intimate, to small and varied in ages to group up effectively. Since I grew up in such a small congregation of 50-70-I realize my expectations are a little skewed.

This is a busy week for our family, last night I had a Pampered Chef sales meeting, tonight Erik has practice with his blues band, and Thursday is my Bible study. Friday, I leave here at 4PM, drop my kids off to my friend and head to LBL(land between the lakes- a huge natural settings park for you out-of-towners) for my teacher workshop(they let me in-heehee). I won't be back until Saturday evening and Erik has gigs and work, so all of our family will be all over!! I am very excited as I will visit parts of LBL I have not been to: Fort Donelson-which apparently has a historic military hospital and cemetary and some other area I have not ventured far enough south to see. We will be housed at Brandon Springs which is yet another area I've not been to. Anyway, the trip teaches us how to get the most out of a field trip to LBL and the services they offer. They are home educator friendly!

In other news, Erika is quarantined starting today waiting for the outbreak(chickenpox!)Her outbreak won't cancel my plans though!! My friend Kathy said if it happens, she will deal with it! It does mean no church for our family tonight. If Erik did not have practice, he could take the other two-but Wednesdays work out best for the rest of his band for practice. They don't practice alot since they play so much, but about four or five times a year they are learning a new song or playing an important gig, so they get together for an hour or two.

We are finally back on track from the long weekend-it took ALL DAY yesterday to get caught up. Today we are not doing that. They are watching a video on bugs to supplement our insect study. I vowed last year I would incorporate some fun stuff in our year as school lest we all spontaneously combust.

Thanks for always lisening, bloggy friends!!

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The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

Wow, sorry I'd missed so much! I know the feeling. I long for close friends. I want couples our age, you know, the kind of friendships where the 2 families go on vacation together? That 's what I want. I have a couple good friends, my hubby doesn't really have any where we live. and we don't have any couple friends to hang with. It gets lonely, I know. I'm glad you're feeling better!