Thursday, September 07, 2006

Random and ODD!

*I am so excited about my field trip to LBL-I may explode. Being on lockdown at home because Erika has pox only makes it sweeter!!

*I am doing major housecleaning today, can't blog long or I will lose momentum.

*My kids think someone is coming over because of the above. Very sad indeed.

*I have my bible study homework all done.(And I did not just finish 4 days worth today-I finished it days ago!) I can hardly believe it myself.

*I have a peace that surpasses all understanding about all things church. Some of you must be praying with me, thank you. Thanks also to all of you who admitted you feel the same way!!

*My thyroid medicine is upped since my doctor visit. This makes me conclude that yes, indeed, my body is falling apart.

Back to work, if I play my day right, I will be getting some stuff to a consignment store and some other stuff to Heartland's clothing closet. Maybe today! Have a wonderful Thursday.

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