Friday, September 01, 2006

I've been tagged by Susie. Glad you posted Susie, enjoy your weekend!!

1. One book that changed my life...
The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands by Dr. Laura Schlessinger (I think it should be required reading for all married women!!)

2. One book I have read more than once... See above...just kidding
I love The Island of the Blue Dolphins I recommended it to my daughter to read and read it right before I gave it to her to read and then we listened to it on audio in the van. Such a great story.

3. One book I would want on a desert island... The Clan of the Cave Bear or The Island of the Blue Dolphins would be good reading and also a survivor manual sort of.

4. One book that made me laugh... Any Erma Bombeck-she was and her work still is great. Cheaper by the Dozen is a great read too!! We listened to it in the van(audiobook) and it is NOTHING like the movie. There are some spots of bad language but the overall theme of the book is great, funny and I loved it!

5. One book that made me cry... The Yada Yada Prayer Group series made me laugh and cry. I saw so much of myself in that main character, sometimes I thought it was about me!! I also cried during the Dr. Laura book because of the lies we are sold by this culture we live in.

6. One book I wish had been written... I've always wanted to write a book.

7. One book I wish had never been written... There are a whole lot of witchcraft books geared to children-how to harness the powers of the dark and I wish they did not exist!! I wish my daughter did not love fairies and Harry Potter so much and then I would not know such evil how-to books existed. There is also a bunch of teen porn/smut novels available now-a-days and that makes me sad too.

8. One book I am currently reading... I am sort of focused on trying to get into the Bible right now so I am avoiding starting a new book (and the library!)

9. One book I've been meaning to read... Too numerous to mention!! The Bible is probably tops for me right now!!

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