Saturday, September 02, 2006

Fall is coming!!

With fall come many things I dearly love: apples, leaves changing colors, cooler weather, sweatshirts, hayrides, and oh so many more. I love spring because of the summer it begins but I love fall because of all of the above and more.

We went yard-saling today and since we were driving all over creation anyway, we finished off our day at Mathis apple orchard on HWY 131 between Mayfield and Paducah. As soon as we walked up, the lady said, "Would you like an apple?" YES!! We all had an apple, she even peeled for Lilly and Erika. Then we picked out all the varieties we wanted to buy, got some end of the season corn and some fresh made apple cider. I am soooo energized now. Apples must have that same chemical that chocolate has.

(mmmm! chocolate covered apples)

I talked to them about a possible homeschool field trip. It would be awesome. All of the varieties of apples don't come in until mid to late September though so I will see about getting a small group together closer to the end of the month maybe.

I have decided to pare back my life. There is much soul searching going on accompanied with prayers. There are things I am doing now that really take away from my family(my sanity!) and don't really seem like where God wants me. Help me pray and join me in paring back your life as well!! Post a comment if you want prayers.

Thank you my sisters for being my makeshift "yada yada" prayer group. I love praying for you as well as knowing you are praying for me!


jettybetty said...

I'm doing some *paring* too! I'll be praying for you--and I would love to have you praying for me as we pare!

Heather said...

Well, I'll be praying for you - and hoping God doesn't lead you to stop blogging!

thruchildeyes said...

You are wise to be consiously scaling back in life. I long for simplicity. And thanks for posting about Mathis orchard! We heard about it last year, but never made it over there. Now I'm inspired!