Friday, September 15, 2006

I credit my low stress to the fact that I have given up. I choose joy. This world is NOT my home, I'm just a travelin' through. I stepped out of the race of having the best behaved kids, nicest car, hippest clothes(maybe I should try a little bit on this one) and cleanest house. It's good that I did too, we were always coming in last anyway, LOL!! I pray every day that I can love my kids and enjoy them. I will teach them to the best of my ability and hope God can help me beyond that. The housework, well, I do what I can and hope people always feel welcome.


Jacinda said...

Yea for you having low stress. Sounds like you have done some very proactive things to achieve that!

~d said...

OK. I shall take this stress test. Ok. I shall do fine. Ok. Maybe I will take 1/2 a xanax first.

GOOD FOR YOU not having much stress! I honestly think I create my own.
Truthfully. I should learn how NOT to.

**heh heh, a gf mentioned vinegar on Friday...she puts it in her deviled eggs. I use dill relish. I thought of you!**

Susie said...

LOL--you did so much better than I did! Here I was feeling pretty good that the other dispatchers that I know scored higher than me! : D