Monday, September 25, 2006


Parliamentary procedure is a fun way to do our girl scout meetings. Since I have loved it since FFA in high school, I have a renewed sense of accomplishment with these kiddos. If they can "get" this down, what a fun thing to know for the rest of their lives. I hope the girls are having fun too. We are doing an overnight trip this weekend, relating to quilts not parliamentary procedure. I am so excited to sleep on the floor. I hope it is fun. I did our calendar today and it is jam-packed and I am being sooo conservative!! What happens?? Cutting back on your obligations can be hazardous to your health.

Clutter is going out of my house this week. One way or another, these bags and boxes must go somewhere. It is not enough to just box and bag. I long to have my house clean and orderly again, even though it is only for moments at a time.Hold your ground cats and little people. Everything not nailed down may go.

October is shaping up to be just as busy as Sept. Happy happy JOY JOY!! There will be plenty of time for sleep when I am dead. (this may be sooner than later if life doesn't slow up a bit.)

Why do I keep doing things. I miss the toddler years. Who said that?

We went boating yesterday. ON. THE. RIVER. Do you know how churning and elevated the river is right now?? And full of LOGS. Yes, I said logs. I sang songs to God most of the ride-praises go up and blessings come down and held on to Lilly with white knuckles. My prayer life was strengthened as well. I was a submissive wife. Luckily we were with another couple(they were in their boat) and when our engine died they were able to pull us from in front of the barge that was coming. It wasn't as bad as it sounds... The engine started again too, it was a tank issue(trash in the gas or something) not engine. The Cumberland river is beautiful. I would love to see it on a calmer day. I do love my husband. I repent of calling him an idiot in front of my children and saying, "Well I guess if he is going to die, we may as well die with him." Lilly ratted me out. She always does. I think he may have forgiven me. I have forgiven him for saying "SH**" when the engine died. Erika looked up at me wth big eyes and asked why Daddy said a bad word. Proof we really don't talk that way. Until our boat dies in front of a barge and then half of us does. LOL.

I skipped church cause I spent all afternoon there!! Hee hee. Actually, 3 hours of constant stress and worrying kind of wears you out. Erik was a little weary as well.

More running tomorrow. Wednesday though, I will declare pajama day until church time. Ravioli for breakfast, lunch, and supper.


Susie said...

Girl, I think you're crazy for being excited about sleeping on the floor!

GO GO CLUTTER!! ; ) (Mine needs to go too)

I love the toddler years too. And Malachi's pretty much out of them. ::sniff::

I want a pajama day!

jettybetty said...

You just crack me up!