Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Right now, as I type, I am kicking Mount Washmore's butt!! I have about 17 more loads and I am done...hee hee-really about 5 I think because I got pretty behind and I have to do sheets because it has been too too long!

Lilly's birthday party is Thursday night and the homeschool field day is on Friday. I am a busy beaver but that is good, it keeps me focused. I may not be a faithful blogger for a few days, PLEASE, if you can, pray I am not mean and irritable with my family! I am pretty bad to do that when I have alot going on. OH YEAH, and making birthday sugar goods will be a challenge. It has been relatively easy for me to abstain as I have not had sugar in the house. Cake in the house will be a true test!! I have alot of "clean" time in and I don't want to blow it!

Have an awesome week!


Susie said...

Best wishes with your sugar-free day! : ) Hope field day and birthday party go well. I'll be praying . . .

BohemianMama said...

I cannot believe you are still doing the no-sugar thing. Janice, that is awesome and incomprehensible to me. I don't think I could do it. I want to be like you. You rock.

I need a bigger washer. Then maybe I will actually be able to TELL the pile is smaller when I've done several loads! Happy washing.