Monday, June 05, 2006

What a busy couple of days we have had!! Sat morning, the girls and I went yard-saling and found many good bargains. We shopped all day with $10 in quarters and still came home with money. YS are the ONLY way to shop!! We got home and I started mowing the yard, as soon as Erik got home from work, he hopped on mower #2 and we knocked it out pretty quick. Then we hopped in the van for a quick trip to the lake with the boat. We only got to be on the water for about an hour, but it was fun and worth it. Erika was the first kid to jump in the water this year...she is the brave one. Erik was the first one to jump in though! He is the brave one too.

This morning at church I participated in a new class which is all about taking inventory of where you are spiritually and then making a map of where you want to go. I think it will be a very helpful and interesting class. We also had a worship service that was different. Everyone went up for communion at a table with our elders hosting. It was an interesting change. I am sure there were probably people that did not like it as with anything different, but I think it is good to take things which become rote if we are not careful and keep them varied. We had wonderful worship time as well because all of the songs really flowed today in a way they have not before(at least not that I have noticed). I like it when one song just goes right into the next one...even us non-singer types can't help but get more actively singing. I did not make it to the altar though, mostly because we don't have one. I think that is a Church of Christ rule-no altars allowed. This is a rulesy religion I married into-I am glad the church we attend believes in bending!!

Today we went to the lake again right after church. We had the boat all hooked up waiting for us. When we left here it was cloudy and rainy. We knew we were stopping for lunch for a bit and we had faith the weather would improve(and a good clue from By the time we came out of Gattiland it was a gorgeous day. We let Erika and Lilly innertube and we just lazed around in a bay and swam. It was really nice. I am exhausted though! I can't believe I am still up! After we got home, got baths, fed and the kiddos off to bed, I had to go to the grocery. This no sugar thing is a little more expensive and a pain in the butt with all the fresh veggies and stuff. It has however allowed me to lose 7 pounds, total of 11 so far. Of course I will have to lose about 30 for anyone to be able to tell. The joy of being plump.

Lilly conversation of the day:

"I wish Dad was like us. Why do boys have to have ____? I think Dad should have a ____ like us"
"Because that's how God made him." I say. Erik is grinning very much.
"Why are you asking about this Lilly? " I say.
"Because, I just wish Dad was like us.", she says.
"It takes a boy and a girl being different to make a baby. If Dad wasn't different, you wouldn't be here. If we were all created the same we would have all died along time ago." I always try to capture the teaching moments when they come-while Erik snickers.
A pause.
"I told my class (I am petrified of what is coming now-Erik no longer grinning)we were going boating today(whew...all able to breathe again).
"That is nice. Please don't ever talk about any of the boy girl stuff in your class okay? Save those questions for Mommy."

Four is such a fun age.


Sandy said...

You've obviously done a better job explaining boys to your girls than I have explaining girls to my girl! With four brothers, Becca got confused. A couple of years ago, she came to me and told me that her ____ hurt. I said, "You don't have a ____, only boys do." She said, "Well, whatever I have hurts!" I knew we had some catching up to do. And up on the agenda this summer is "The Girl Talk", since she is 11 and going into sixth grade. It's almost that time... oh joy.

I'm really glad Lilly didn't "educate" her class! (grin) There's no telling what Nathanael would have done with that information!

jettybetty said...

You all have me laughing sooo hard!

Susie said...

Oh Jan! I am rolling! What a funny little girl you have! And you were right to be afraid--little ones can be little tape recorders.

Wish our yard sales were worth a flip. The only thing I find at yard sales are books. : ) My kids are bean poles and hard to fit in clothes.

I'm envious of your lake trips. What neat memories you all are making. : )

And how neat that your church did something different. To me, it keeps my attention better if it's not the same thing every Sunday.

Congrats on your weight loss! Go you! : )