Friday, June 09, 2006

Mount Washmore is a tiny tiny mound of not even enough to lump all together and do one load. Not that I would ever do something like that (evil grin).

Birthday cake sits in my fridge untouched by yours truly...and it is good looking chocolate with the whipped creme frosting. I'm sure it is lovely but it will not touch these lips of mine. I did lick the spoon again though while making the mini-cakes for polly pocket skirts. I just can't seem to get it to the sink before it makes it to my mouth. I am not counting that against me though. I just wish the weight were coming off faster. Sometimes it seems like I am giving up soooooo much for soooooo little and that is frustrating.

The birthday party was fun. We went the backyard party route and served pizza. The girls poked polly pockets into the little cakes I made with my pampered chef prep bowls(feel free to contact me if you need to order some) and then decorated them...some were good, some not so good. The boys were supposed to do dirt hills with army guys but they were kind of busy playing. Mostly they just wanted to play in the yard and go see the puppies next door. So we went with it.

Lilly mostly got money for presents, but the two presents she did get were dearly loved!! Five year olds really like presents! She took the purse/cell phone present and snuck over and got all her money out of her cards plus Nathanael and proceeded into the house before she was busted. I don't know what their plans were, but you can't be too trusting of the 5 year olds. Lilly was very torn between Bethany, her cousin(and best friend forever) and Nathanael(I'm gonna marry him mom). Nathanael won in the end though because he fears nothing and Bethany is a little scared of alot of things. Since Lilly has no fear and they were outside, it was a predictable thing. I hope you had a nap Sandy!! He is your daredevil, isn't he!

Field Day was today and it went very well in my opinion. We sort of lost the structure after lunch, but that was okay for me. We tried to keep it on track and then I just decided we should let it go and end early. Most people were pleased with the day and after working so hard all morning, Christina and I declared it a success. I was a little bummed about it untill I read the flipflopmamma's post today. I believe this was a message from God for me today!! (her blog is ).

People can be unreasonable,
illogical, and self centered;
Love them anyway.

if you do good
some will accuse you of selfish motives;
Do good anyway.

If you succeed, you may win
false friends and true enemies;
Succeed anyway.

The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow;
Do good anyway.

Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable;
Be honest anyway.

What takes year to build
may be destroyed overnight;
Build well anyway.

Sinners don't always want to hear the gospel;
Witness lovingly anyway.

Against all odds go serve today,
This is the Lord's command;
Behind the lines or in the fray,
In His own strength you stand.-Hess

The world crowns success,
but God crowns faithfulness.

I am always so nervous when planning things. I worry that people won't like it. I feel bad when I organize something like today and everyone is thanking me, but it took all of us to pull it off. I don't like that praise, my motives are selfish-I wanted a field day for my kids. I don't ever mind stepping up and organizing an activity. It really isn't as hard as people make it out and so it feels wrong to accept that praise. It also makes other people bristle, there are people whose claws come out as soon as someone receives a kind word. They can't wait to slam the project because they don't like me or whoever helped pull it together.

Anyway, all that to say, I needed these words today. Thank you flip flop momma! I may live to plan again. Actually, I know I will. I believe God has given me a skill that I am happy to use for him. And that is what my test said too ( :


The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

Man, I've been tryin' to lose weight too! I can't stand it! I'm starving! And I would so have eaten that cake! Cake is my downfall. I have no will power aroung cake! and people know it too. a couple weeks ago at church, a lady brought me the cake left ovre from her little girls bday party!!! I ate it all!!!!! Yikes! oh, and I'm glad you got what you needed out of my blog today!

Susie said...

Wow. I'm so envious! You've been a busy little beaver, haven't you? Go you! And great job staying away from the lion's share of the sweets. Not sure I could've done it. Keep up the good work, and that weight will come off. You can do this! : )

Thanks for the kind words on my blog. I have the feeling you and I would laugh lots on a walk together. ; )

Juliabohemian said...

You have a good attitude about life. That's very refreshing. I am sick of people that think God owes them a favor, you know?

As trite as it sounds, remember that the slower you lose the weight, the longer it will stay off. I know you already know that...