Monday, June 12, 2006

Oh what a weekend we have had!! We got up Saturday morning(Happy Birthday, LILLY!!!!) to get our bags packed and head to Henderson, KY for the W.C.Handy festival that was featuring Lew Jetton & 61 South (my husband's now only band-I think). As soon as Erik pulled in the driveway we were all packed up and ready to go and we took off. The festival was great, Henderson is a neat town. Lew sang "Happy Birthday" to Lilly which made her cry. Too many people looking, afternoon tired girl. You just never know what you are going to get with her. One minute she wants everyone looking at her, the next she is crying because everyone is looking at her.

After the birthday song, we walked around town (festivals are hard to sit through with three fidgety girls and one fidgety grown up), went to a three story furniture store and planned our new furniture and enjoyed the air conditioning. Then we went to the little park to play and then at last Erik was done and ready to go. Henderson has an water park right on the river with all of these little fountains that the kids play in. We stopped there on our way to Evansville and let the kids get completely soaked. They had a ball. Kayla took forever to finally get wet, but Erika and Lilly hopped right in there and were soaked immediately. Kayla really has to be pushed hard to get in there and have fun. She is such a literal child and worries about what people will think and all sorts of other things kids should not worry about. Other times though, she doesn't think at all and pesters the snot out of people. These kids sure do keep my prayer life active!!

Back in the car and away to Evansville to spend the night. We had a great drive and not too much bickering. Evansville is a neat town but we had no time to explore really. I wish we could have seen their riverfront but we were hungry and tired and the kids were soaking wet from Henderson so we trucked on to our hotel. We unloaded, went to our room and put on dry things and went downstairs for our free happy hour drinks and snacks. Now I am not a drinking woman but the allure of 3 free drinks overtook me. There are not many sugar free drinks out there, so I had to try new things. I was in such a better mood thank goodness when we walked next door to O'Charleys(where kids DO NOT eat free in Evansville). We had supper and celebrated Lilly's birthday with a free birthday cake. I was weak from liquor and cheated heartily with the birthday cake which was delish!! I did not cheat in any other way that night though-did not eat the bun from my burger or the croutons in my salad. As soon as we were done we walked back to our room, changed into bathing suits and swam much. It was a perfect end to a perfect day for Lilly. We also decided our activity for the next day-we had kind of been thinking the zoo-would be HOLIDAY WORLD!! I will post more on that later because I have been on here forever. Stay tuned for more cheating and great jolly fun that was funny!


JDT said...

kids don't eat free at the BG O'Charley's either, what's up with that?! They're letting us down.

Even though you cheated, still focus on how much LESS sugar you eat now. You're still doing great. :)

bohemianmama said...

OOps! I'm on the hubby's computer, lol!! Forgot to change users. Hope I didn't scare ya!