Monday, May 08, 2006

Sugar busters is going well. Erik is a believer now that he lost six pounds and has even been cheating. I have lost 3 lbs and have only cheated once, last night our care group had pizza and I just ate the toppings on two pieces and whole thing on another two. Then I stopped even though it was thin crust and I could have eaten 10 pieces. I have not cheated with cakes or candy though and I never would have believed I could have done that!!

This morning we had Bob Mills ten grain hot cereal for breakfast and it is awful!! It is supposed to be cream of wheatish, but it has so much grain flavor it resembles bird seed. I must stop talking about it or I will throw up. Steel cut oats are what we wil be buying from now on. Very yummy and still whole grain.
Lilly only ate one bite and the other two ate it all and I managed to choke all of mine down. Erika thought it was delicious. Kayla was just hungry.

I must get off of here and be productive. Really-my house is awful and I can't seem to get my butt in gear. MOVE IT JANJANMOM!!!!

Have a great Monday! (Is that possible?)


Susie said...

Yes, I guess having a great Monday is possible. I am home with my family after all . . .

What is the idea behind Sugar Busters? Obviously no sugar, but what else?

jessica said...

Good luck with your change in eating. I have a hard time giving up anything when it comes to food... I kindof feel like if I want it I should get it... sounds bratty, huh? Maybe you will give me motivation to do better!

jettybetty said...

Wow--I hope you are encouraged with loosing 9 pounds between the 2 of you! That is GREAT!

I love steel cut oats--haven't had the Bob Mills stuff--but the oats are yummm!