Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I did not even post about my Mother's day. It was very interesting. We got home Saturday from camping at GS Camp at about 2:30. Camping was awesome, by the way. I can't decide who had more fun-the grown-ups or the kids. I thoroughly enjoyed it and slept great. We had a fire and roasted hot dogs. I ate kale salad while everyone else had smores. The next day they all had smores hangovers, I could tell. We hiked and ate and played games. It was great fun. As soon as we walked in the door, it was hurriedly put away our things and get moving. We left for mucho running at about 3:45.

Our first stop was a baby shower for a couple at church. It was a shower for families so there was alot of people and yummy food, even for sugar busters-I still have not cheated, I can't even believe it. We left there at about 5, it could have been earlier but the new baby was not at all cooperative for mom and dad's schedule(or ours either, but that was ok, we had a great time visiting waiting for them to arrive). Babies are good about breaking schedules!! Apparently he needed to nurse right as they were leaving. It was funny to us, we are past all of that so we can laugh about it. Some things you just don't miss. Throwing up is another thing I don't miss. I remember one time on a Walmart trip from you know where, my oldest-then my only, but I was pregnant-had eaten some applesauce that apparently didn't sit well. She threw up all over herself and after I picked her up and got her clean, I put her on my shoulder to comfort her. Large amounts of applesauce were then hurled all over me and all down my back. Why is it that that tiny jar of food becomes so much more when they are throwing it all back up??? MEMORIES!!

I digress, from there we went to get Lilly who stayed with my sister while we were camping. She has a cousin her age there that she dearly loves. My sister said she was very good for the most part. (scary thoughts) Apparently there had been some biting of the older brother that had to be corrected and after that, all was well. Lilly says she never wants to go to Aunt Pam's again-of course this is said in front of Aunt Pam. Four year olds are so completely unpredictable. It is like a rollercoaster ride with no straps!! She did manage to give her a hug and say thank you.

After we left there we had about 20 minutes to spend at my Mom's house before we were off to a graduation party. My friend Elaina graduated from college!! I am so proud of her. It was a nice party but very chilly! The kids had a ball. Chris and Elaina are going to be such good parents...I hope they are making the most of their free time for now!

Mom was not happy about our quick visit. She will be mad for a long time. Later on the phone she made a point to tell me it isn't the gifts that matter, but the time of the visits. GUILT TRAP!!! We told her we would like to come by Sunday evening and she should just call us when she got home. She got home and called us at 7:50 and my guilt was OVER!!! If time was that critical she would have come home instead of going shopping. My Mom is great jolly fun.

Sunday morning my husband presented me with 3 roses from the girls and they presented me with cards and homemade gifts. ( : We had church and my husband usually dashes out the door to do sound in the early AM, this day he skipped out to wait on his lovely bride, yes me, so we could all go together. He did not nag or complain about me taking tooo long which is awesome for him!! He also joined me for Sunday School which never happens. ( : (Sound again!) The sermon was great, both encouraging and a little convicting-to worry about work less and time with kids more. Then we went to Los Amigos in Lone Oak with all of Erik's family(grandma, cousins, aunt, uncles and parents) for lunch. They have a buffet there and I was able to make a sugar free salad and not one single corn chip touched my lips. I FEEL GOOD!!!! GO ME!!! It was interesting to have a loud busy lunch with a party of 20. Then we went back to Erik's grandma's for a short visit with his Aunt and Uncle from China, TX and also an Aunt and Uncle from here that we don't see very often.

Then we came home. I took a nap and ERIK DID LAUNDRY!!!!!!!!! WOWOWOWWOW!!! It was great. We waited all evening for my Mom to call for us to go visit her. I called her several times to no avail. We had supper at about six and started our showers. We were all ready for bed at 7:50 when my mom called. We were apologetic, but not coming over at 8. I really do try, she is just impossible. She told me all about the great fun she had shopping, oh well. It was Mother's Day and I tried to give her "time".

I had a lovely day, I was pretty grouchy though. I tend to snarl under pressure and I was a pressure cooker.

Grey's Anatomy made me mad too. I watched the season finale last night and I was completely annoyed with that ending. That stupid affair really bothers me. REALLY, Meredith needs to think a little more of herself and find a nice veterinarian or something. Dr. McDreamy is a worthless hag. Doing the right thing my butt.

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BohemianMama said...

Janice I'm so proud of you for the sugarbusters thing!! I don't know if I could ever do it.

The "s'mores hangover" comment cracked me UP . . . your blogs are entertaining!

Have a great day!