Friday, May 19, 2006

By dropped a saltshaker on my steak I meant, it came open and all the salt came out. The chef decided to smear it into the steak and no one would notice. But I did notice and even my very unpicky husband said-you have to send it back, it isn't even edible. He hates when people send stuff back-REALLY, he dies a little. He looked at me all serious and said, yeah, you have too. It made him so sad.


BohemianMama said...

John is the same way about sending stuff back . . . I'm like "they forgot to leave my mayo off . . .aaack!"
He hates that.

Would you believe in all that time I lived in Paducah, I never went to Patti's?

jessica said...

The lid came off the lemon pepper while I was seasoning chicken once... I thought I could dust if off but my husband was wiser than that!