Friday, May 19, 2006

We have the coolest new neighbor. Not only is he a police officer but he also has a dog WITH PUPPIES!!!! Nine of them, in fact. Momma is a german shepherd but the pups are black and white lab looking critters. ADORABLE!! He and his girlfriend seem to really like children as well-good thing since my kids are begging to see pups everyday!! Cory and Kate(the neighbors) are also both young and beautiful so that makes my kids love them all the more. (mostly it is the puppies though) (we are not getting one) (even though they are sooooooo cute) (hubby said no) (I would soo get one) (hubby is mean) (not really-we have two dogs and two cats already) (puppies have the best breath!) (I love puppies) (we are not getting a puppy) (wahhhhhh!)

Stopped by my in-laws today to look at yard sales in the paper for possible shopping tomorrow. Here was the conversation as we were leaving.

"Memaw, I am sorry I said I wanted your cat things when you die, and wished you would hurry up and die.", Lilly says. Memaw laughs and laughs..."That's okay." We start pulling out.

"Yeah Lilly, those should be for her kids.", says Erika.

"Memaw doesn't have kids, ERIKA!", say Lilly.

"Yes she does-DAD and Aunt Marla", says Erika.

"We are her kids now cause Dad is old now", says Lilly.

"We're her GRANDkids silly", says Erika.

"Shut up Erika, I want those cats and she's giving them to me when she dies.", says Lilly.

The joy of polite children escapes me. Really. I have kids who say the darnedest things instead. It makes life interesting and sometimes I want to crawl under a rock. Memaw started all of this though. Lilly asked for her little cat knick-knacks and Memaw said, "You can have them when I die.". This prompted Lilly to say "I wish you would hurry up and die so I can have them." This sent Memaw into a hysterical laughing fit. I was not laughing. It was a horrible thing to say but I smiled. Lecture about how much we love Memaw and want her to be around forever followed. Memaw thinks it is hilarious. I can't wait to be a grandma, it sure looks like alot of fun.

Finally got our garden planted!!! It finally stopped raining!! This should guarantee a good long dry spell. HEE HEE!!


~d said...

The innocence of a child is so damn precious that it is OK if they 'embarrass' you.

Susie said...

Oh my gosh, Jan! How funny is that??? But I must admit--that kind of thing is only funny if the child is not yours. Other people can laugh our butts off.