Saturday, March 25, 2006

Time for a fun post before I tell you more about Arthur Burk and the plumbline ministry. Very fascinating details about the redemptive gifts.

First this. Go to and then type in (your name) needs and then search. Then blog the top 10 things that come up. Mine are very accurate for me ( :

1. Janice needs to take a look at the big picture (Yes, almost always!)
2. Janice needs help. (True on soooo many levels!)
3. Janice needs cash. (prefer small unmarked bills)
4. Janice needs a reality check. (3 kids+2 cats+ 4 newborn kittens+ one dog+messy mom+messy dad will never = clean house without ALOT of work)
5. Janice needs Jesus. (and has him hallelujah!)
6. Janice needs to go to the toilet. (not at the moment but I am a frequent pee-er)
7. Janice needs to create a new product page. (,biz/chefjanice does need to be updated!)
8. Janice needs resources. (so Janice goes to the library frequently!)
9. Janice needs Jesus. (enough to post it twice)
10. Janice needs some professional mental help. (I've already done this once but apparently I need another go 'round....Oh Sara?)

This was a fun one. I also did Erik's(my husband) Some of his were a little weird.

1. Erik needs art. (??)
2. Erik needs to jump across the electrical field. (again ???)
3. Erik needs an heir. (We have this covered.)
4. Erik needs your help. (With Janice mostly)
5. Erik needs to work. (A little more at home would be nice ( ;
6. Erik needs me. (AMEN)
7. Erik needs to be strong. (And he is)
8. Erik needs to know how to both use XML and how to teach others to use XML. (??????)
9. Erik needs to realize.... (It was left open ended...I will fill in as needed)
10. Erik need to worry about his own driving. (He actually is a very good driver except for occasional bouts of the rage)

I look forward to reading all about what all of you need. Have a great weekend. I am a cleaning fool this weekend and making lots of progress!! FINALLY!

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