Sunday, March 26, 2006

My big girls went to horse riding lessons on this beautiful sunshiney day. I was very jealous wishing I had gotten to ride pretty ponies when I was a kid. They had a ball and their teacher was suprised how much they had retained since last October.

We had a pot-luck after evening service tonight. Lilly first called it a hot lug...then pot lug(probably more fitting title)...then hot luck (sounds really nifty), and then finally a pot luck. We expect our children to talk plainly when we mumble and talk so fast or slow that it is no wonder they struggle!! I enjoyed her little four year old mind. Her friend Nathanael sat with us during church and they were sooooo cute. They were excellently behaved and worked very hard to keep their songbooks on the right page. Lilly finally gave it up, this child I trained to sleep to music. She finally climbed in my lap, inserted thumb and went off to sleep. Nathanael had to resort to shoes for entertainment. luckily that was very close to the last song.

The potluck was great. Our church has lots of good cooks. The Methodist church I went to in middle and high school had the worst cooks ever. I usually just ate what my mom brought and this lady form Vietnam who always made lemon chicken. I would love a bowl of it now...YUM. That is the church where my mom still attends and where Erik and I married. I wonder if their potlucks are still bad.

Tomorrow, school, bowling and scouts. Should be a fall into bed tired kind of day!! Have a great one!!

PS. I am still wrapping up listening to Arthur Burk, 2 more gifts to go. Once I hear my husband's I will be ready to post about it.


Susie said...

LOL--Hot Luck sounds good! ; )

In answer to your question on my blog, I've been trying jogging for a bit now. I've never been a runner--just an aerobics instructor at one time--and I wanted to see if I could do it. Not too bad so far. I started out walking 1 mile/jogging .5 mile. And today, I jogged 3 miles, which was HUGE for me. So, that's my story, anyway . . .
: )

jettybetty said...

LOL--I want some of that lemon chicken.

I used to have a recipe called Methodist pie that was yummy--must have been from another Methodist church, huh?