Sunday, March 19, 2006

Summer, your blog has disappeared from my says done but there is nothing there. I don't know what to do-I want it back. Did I do something wrong?????? Summer come back!!!

I must point out that I am very addicted to the blogs I read. I may not always comment, but I am always reading and checking. I also don't appreciate those long absences some of you take, but I forgive as soon as you post again. I have never had anyone just disappear though. I should report this to someone!!

I have added a new paint color to my painting T-shirt. Purple. I painted my daughter's room purple while my friend Elaina and I chatted the night away. Friday night I was home alone thanks to a lock-in, grandparents and a gig for Erik. Elaina and I enjoyed girl night while painting. I introduced her to rock opera via Meatloaf-The Bat Out of Hell album(tape in my case). I try to only listen to Christian music these days but Meatloaf, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Janis Joplin, and Fleetwood Mac (of course that means Stevie Nicks too!!) are really ingrained into my head and I like to drag them out from time to time. Kid free was a good time. Anyway we giggled through old music Elaina had not heard (she is only in her twenties...I used to be) and some of it she had heard but made no sense-Paradise by the Dashboard Light- and I was able to enlighten her with my useless knowledge of Meatloaf. Anyway, I have the walls painted and now must get the trim work done and we decided to paint the ceiling as well. Not looking forward to that, but I will get to it ASAP!! Then I will add blue to my paint shirt for that is what Erika has picked out. All of their rooms are decluttered so they are doing a nice job of keeping them clean-new paint is a reward and incentive to keep it up.

I am the preschool teacher this month at church and have really been enjoying it. There was a time when I was the teacher every month and that was not fun. Once or twice a year is a blast!! Today we talked about and had The Lord's Supper. They were so cute and excited that we did it for Sunday School and Bible hour. Sometimes I wonder if that is the reason for baptism of children in C of C's. They want to be included so much in that observance. Anyway, my daughter Lilly is about as in love with the Lord's Supper as you can be. Everytime we have grape juice (not often), she pretends it is Communion. Too funny. She also begs me to dunk her in the pool and declares herself baptized. I hope she is always so excited about these things!! She will be moving up to the next level this summer or fall and I will have taught all of my kids through preschool at church. It will be sad and I suppose I could do as some and move on up with them, but I think I will stay a while longer, and after 7 years I am kind of getting good at it-as long as we rotate!! SANDY-Tell John to seriously get into the rotation, they are a really fun group! I really enjoy this age group and moms with kids this age need to be ministered to more than at any other time.

Our mini care group has ended. I really wish we spent just a bit longer together, we were gone some and some others were too and it was an awesome group. Oh well, suppose all good things must come to an end. I wish I knew the button I push that sends me into italics...I would not push it anymore. We got our regular computer back and nothing worked so we took it back again. Fun fun. We are really used to the laptop now. We just don't have our email addresses or my pampered chef files. Both are a big deal to me and I want them back!!!!!! We dropped it off before vacation...not a quick job for sure.

I am off to bed now...11:30 is later than I should be up. Have a fabulous Monday!

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