Thursday, March 16, 2006

My husband and I used to own a motorcycle- a Harley. I loved it, in fact, it is how we met. We loved going riding best in the spring and fall because everything was so beautiful and our weather was so perfect-usually. We did get caught in a storm once but we outran it. Anyway, all of that to say this-we had a T-shirt that had a Harley on it that said, "If you have to ask, you wouldn't understand."

I bring this up because people ask me about blogging with the same look that people used to ask about the motorcycle. Unless you are hooked on blogs, you would not understand no matter how much I explain...I think of Jacinda( saying that one of her relatives accuses her of having too much time on her hands. It is time consuming but worth it. There is such brutal truth on a blog and I just crave that. It is a chance to learn from other peoples mistakes, post what I have learned and just get rid of the thoughts running around in my head.

Blogging is so great for my psyche. Reading other people's blog is a support as well. For some reason it is hard to put up pretenses on a blog. I am sure some people do, but what would be the point? IT takes alot of time to post and sometimes it gets lost and you have to start over again. Too much trouble for pretense. Lack of pretense is so common in blogging, but pretense is rampant in the real world-especially at church-(What are we thinking!!).

My friend Eve invited me to her house to look at curriculum (ARGHH!!! The single most important decision for how your school year goes-NO PRESSURE!). She had one I have been wanting to purchase for about two years but couldn't do it without seeing it(too much $$). Shurley English...I love it. I love English and grammar. It starts really slow and builds up. I can't wait to get it now. Anyway, Eve has been a wonderful encourager to me in her transparency. She is like me in that she takes people at face value and can be taken at face value. I love that. I had a wonderful visit with Eve and I just keep thanking God for putting me in a support group where people love each other for no other reason than because we are accepting the great challenge of homeschooling and want to help each other through it all.

I should also point out that most of the members of my church have that same transparency. I am very blessed to exist in a world without pretense-at least in the places that truly matter. Oh yeah and I have three sisters, all older, and there is really no pretense with sisters. If you try they will knock you right down to earth with a reminder of things past-remember that green bathing suit you had that made you look like a watermelon-get over yourself. Quit laughing, Linda.


Our knocked over tree is in full bloom now and looks spectacular!! The angle it fell makes it look like a large bush from the road. We have thought about propping it back up since it has such tenacity, but have decided it is too large.

My cat is still pregnant. It can't be much longer now. I love kittens. I hope there are only two, but she looks large enough for there to be about 10. We may keep one, I can't decide.

We are searching for the perfect couch for our family. We have decided it must be leather. We need something we can clean easily. Couches are really gross if you think on it too much. Leather will just make me feel better about it. I found a beautiful used couch and love seat and they wanted $2500 for them. I just said OH! and walked away. Champaigne taste, beer pocketbook.

I guess that is all I have for today. I feel like I can finish my two more loads of laundry now. Mt Washmore is staying friend Heather is having Washer/Dryer issues right now...I feel for you dear, bring it over if you get too far behind!! We can make it into a playdate for the kids!

Have a great Thursday!


summer said...

it is strange how pretenss are almost nonexistent in blog world. i love that too. where else would i write in a public arena about washing wet sheets every morning. and posting 100 things about myself that i've rarely ever vocalized all of those to many people. i love you and your "put it all out there" heart. take care,

janjanmom said...

I have to "put it all out there" this house is just to small to put it in here!!HEEEHEEE.

jettybetty said...

I thought of you when we were in Kentucky this week--but I think we were far from you--Cumberland--north of Knoxville.

I get soooo much encouragement from blogs--plus I just learn so much. I love it that I can feel community with people all over the world!

Jacinda said...

Blogging is special and something you just have to be actively involved in to truly understand.